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The City of Monroe Gas Transmission Pipeline Construction is Complete

Mr. E. Scott Heath, President and CEO, is proud to announce that the City of Monroe, NC 43-mile natural gas transmission pipeline project construction is complete. The 12” steel pipeline serves as the primary source of natural gas to the City by transporting gas from the Williams Transco pipeline to the City’s natural gas system. The pipeline will serve both the City of Monroe and PSNC Energy providing capacity for both systems to significantly grow in the future.

This project took an unprecedented effort by the City to conceive, pursue, persevere, and complete the project. The project is certainly the largest municipal Greenfield pipeline project in the southeast, and possibly in the country, in the last 25 years. The project had to overcome the political hurtles as well as the physical construction of the pipeline.

Heath and Associates provided feasibility analysis, detailed engineering plans, specifications, pipe sizing optimization, permitting, construction management, and additional guidance for the project. Heath and Associates began working on this project with the City of Monroe in 2001. The project was built by four contractors, Appling Boring Company, Inc., Patterson & Wilder Construction Company, Inc., Foremost Pipeline Company, and Prestige Pipeline, LLC over a thirteen month timeframe.

The pipeline was placed into service on April 29, 2010

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