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SHRIMP Workshop Series

Mr. E. Scott Heath, President and CEO, is proud to announce the completion of the Heath and Associates, Inc. Distribution Integrity Management Plan (DIMP) workshop series. The workshop series utilized the APGA and SIF web-based Distribution Integrity Management Plan software “SHRIMP” to help operators create their DIMP plans. Thirteen systems from three different states participated in the workshop series. The operators were pleased with the workshops and walked away from the workshops with the understanding of the how to construct a DIMP plan and the benefits and limitations of the SHRIMP software.

The series consisted of six workshops, with the first workshop providing an understanding of the PHMSA rule and the elements that need to be present in the final written plan to be in compliance. The subsequent workshops covered the individual “Threats” that SHRIMP uses to rank the likelihood that a system will have a problem, the actions operators should take in SHRIMP to show they have acknowledged the threat, and the measures to take toward a solution. The final workshop focused on the completion of the written DIMP plan and what extra steps need to be taken to make sure the plan is in complete compliance.

PHMSA requires that all gas distribution systems have a written plan by August 2, 2011. Heath and Associates, Inc. is currently offering our services to help individual gas systems develop a written plan. We can assist the operator with every step of the process, audit a plan already developed, or provide any level of assistance that an operator may request. Please call us (704 487 8516) if you need any assistance preparing your DIMP plan.

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